Saturday, June 16, 2012


It is so interesting to see how different these two girls are from each other.

Tessa loves to be held, and she likes to interact with others.  She loves to bump heads with others (a trick that Jason taught her).  She also loves to smack people's faces when they pick her up (a trick I am trying very hard to break her from).  It is easy to get a smile and a giggle from her.  She is generally a pretty happy girl.

It has taken her a lot longer than her sister to get moving.  She started crawling finally a few weeks ago.  She still can't pull herself up to standing yet, but she is trying.

Tessa is a talker.  She has many sound including ma, da, ba, along with others.  She does not yet seem to connect them with people.  It has been funny recently though.  She will say dada.  I will then tell her mama.  She then will repeat dada.  She seems to know that it is a game, but I don't think she really associates the words with us yet.

Tessa has been sleeping through the night.  We have had a few rough nights whenever she gets a cold.  She seems to hold on to colds for a long time.  I always wonder if she will have more trouble since she was premature (and needed more respiratory help than Eowyn).

I have been starting the girls on finger foods.  Tessa is a very neat eater for the most part.  She has had some trouble with larger pieces.  She has been gagging a lot, and I have to keep a close eye on her.  Tessa loves watermelon.  I gave the girls some the other day, but I ended up having the clear out her mouth.  She kept stuffing more pieces in there, but she wasn't chewing the pulpy part enough to swallow it.  She will have to wait awhile before she gets her next taste of that.

I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures.

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